About Me

Hello, my name is Ayokunle Ogunyoye but please call me Ayo for short. Born and raised in London, UK and I am a first year Graphic Design student studying at Arts University Bournemouth (AUB) for my degree course.

In my spare time, I love doing three particular things:

  • Drawing – Digitally (logos, posters, book designs etc) and sketching on paper (illustrations, graffiti/street art, lettering). I then document my best work on my social media and portfolio.
  • Gaming – I grew up with my brothers playing video games from a young age. Till this day I still enjoy gaming in my free time most importantly because it’s fun, however it also helps develop my competitive mentality.
  • Researching – Whether it be reading the news, or exploring YouTube, I love gaining knowledge of what’s happening in our current world and keeping up with what’s trending. I come across as quite a curious person, I enjoy learning and understanding how things work (for example, new technology) in order to continuously remain aware.

Feel free to comment on my page and advise me on how I can improve!

Hope you enjoy the content of my design portfolio!


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